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MAG - Modern Art Generosity

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This collection aims to be a generally positive one - as its title implies, it displays generosity and goodwill. Sea Gesture emphasizes this message more with its color than with its design, being an overall very simplistic work mostly in pink; however, the shade of pink that permeates the image is gentle and soft, while yet being firm and comforting. Next, by contrast, Radio Parent and Child focuses on its design over its colors, using negative space to outline its subject and vertical and horizontal lines to form the contours of the image. Climber Offers Assistance offers the best of both worlds, with a striking design in the negative space augmented by soothing, calm yellow and pink surrounding it. For even more variety, Tempering the Heat is a more abstract work that is most notable for its strong color scheme yet lazy attitude. My personal favorite work this week is Offer of a Candle, which offers a very strong image in silhouette, with the only colors being fringes, serving to embody the atmosphere of the work rather than to emphasize themselves. Please enjoy!

Alternate Paths for Floaters

Climber Offers Assistance

Gentle Observance

Offer of a Candle

Radio Parent and Child

Sea Gesture

Tempering the Heat

Welcome Time of Fun