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UMAP - Uplifting Modern Art Positivity

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Once again, this collection aims to be positive and uplifting, though more directly than last week's MAG. At the same time, many of this week's works are very abstract, such as Personal Project In Progress, a work that uses vertical lines as a motif to contrast an aquamarine bluish color with a nice soft red. The odd black blotches in the work, as well as the unpainted white portion, point to the work in progress alluded to in this image's title. Many works this week are more adventurous with their color usage, however; flourish Strokes, for example, works with a strong magenta fading into a soft creamy orange, accented by a sharp black that permeates the right side of the image and provides negative space - and through that, design - on the left side. Sliding into Viviance is slightly less adventurous but instead emphasizes its texture; the work's stark, coarse texture combines with its mixture of various common motifs to create an abstract, but striking, work. Depress to Impress is another interesting work, taking a fairly mundane compositional style and using a large blotch of dull greenish gray, combined with a strong orange background, to make it interesting. The work's contour and gradients help to add depth and character to the work. My personal favorite work this week, however, by a small margin, is Unduly Greeting, a work that takes a fairly rough texture and mixes it with a watercolor-like style of shading, an interesting color palette, and strong gradients, and combines them all together to form a somehow cohesive whole. Though the work may not be quite as eye-catching as some of the other works this week, the practice with which it uses the elements at its disposal to enhance its composition is worth noting. Please enjoy!

Bump to Satisfaction

Damp Hope

Depress to Impress

Flourish Strokes

Innocuous Graduality

Personal Project In Progress

Sliding Into Viviance

Unduly Greeting

Unhostile Intrusion