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CGMA - Colorful Grim Modern Art

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Focusing on interesting uses of color, this collection's works tend to be grim...but not depressing, or exciting. A calm, somber attitude imbues many of the works in this collection. Elegy in Ruby is a decent example, a calm and somewhat downcast work, despite its soft red color. It provides comfort, somewhat - much unlike Rusty Corrosion, a work whose texture does as much for its feel as its colors. The work melds those two aspects wonderfully to create the impression of rough metal truly being eaten away by the ravages of time, and corrosion. Vying Over Remains, while similarly textured, tells a different story with its palette and the distribution of that texture; the closer to the right edge of the work, the rougher the texture. Withering Corrosion takes a slightly different approach to texture, though not too different, and blends the metallic tone with a wash of many different colors - blue, green, violet, even some yellow - to create abstract art. My personal favorite work this week is Unwanted Infinite Foresight, an impactful work whose color and design mesh together in harmony to create a harrowing, grim picture; the deep and intense dark red color fading into violet, against a darkened blue backdrop, and all of it dropping into a gaping void of negative space. All in all, this collection is one of the better ones - please enjoy!

Elegy in Ruby

End of the Universe Graph

Grim Crescent Reminder

Rusty Corrosion

Sectional Disparity

Striking at Smoke

Unwanted Infinite Foresight

Vying Over Remains

Withering Corrosion