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MARD - Modern Art Representing Defiance

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This collection's theme is fairly weak, but it needed to be used to bind together this set of images into some collection, at least. More importantly, these works use colors quite defiantly, pushing the limits of acceptability in their chromatic choices. Refusal to Budge places saturated red and blue in direct opposition, with the black negative space only enhancing the conflict. Facsimile Demonstration goes even further, mixing together every warm color and a couple of cool colors as well, but giving each of them their own defined spaces in the image and ensuring that the picture fades well from one to another. The Plantings of Wills is a bit more subtle, and uses negative space in two different ways - both as a background and a foreground, using the intermediary layers of light color to effectively delineate the two. Cluttered Table is likewise subtle, though it focuses more on its texture to define its own abstract image. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is The Barriers Shying Away, a work that tells a fascinating story with its negative space, augmented by how its hot bright colors recede intoa dull white towards the center of the image. Please enjoy!

Cluttered Table

Facsimile Demonstration

Flairs Hardly Working

Refusal To Budge

Rising Underneath Will

Swift Careful Watch

The Barriers Shying Away

The Plantings of Wills