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MMAO - Miscellaneous Modern Art Observations

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Once again, this collection has a weak theme; each work contained within is very interesting by its own merit, rather than by comparison to those that accompany it. Like many collections, this one's works tend to blend together interesting colors and textures to create new impressions. For example, Metallic Receptor is a work that uses an oddly rough texture and the mixture of a grayish-silver color with other, brighter hues to evoke a metallic feeling. The gradients from yellow and magenta to gray, and the interspersion of lines of cyan, as well as the emphasis on vertical lines as a texture rather than as a motif, makes this work unique. Next, Impression HG is a multicolored work that tries to give a similar impression, albeit with a slightly different approach. The rough texture is toned down slightly, and the contour of the image is emphasized more, along with greater saturation of the component colors. Digital Torrent, in addition to being another very colorful image, makes itself unique by way of its sudden switch in texture partway through the image, an apparently digital stream that coalesces into a shimmering yet defined sequence. Snowy Breeze is a more design-focused work, using interesting and uncommon artifacts framed against a black, blue/violet-tinted surface, and using horizontal lines to make an impression of movement. Star Cluster is a simpler work - of pixel art, in fact - but that simplicity gives it some measure of grace as well. Learning, Visualized is a hauntingly abstract image that yet conveys precisely the impression it intends, utilizing thin, bright, erratic lines against an inky blackness in a style that continues to be as effective as its predecessors. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Gradient in Stages - a work that is unapologetically genuine and in a way that almost no other work in this entire gallery can be, and which manages to be wholly unique in its compositional design. Please enjoy!

Digital Torrent

Gradient in Stages

Impression HG

Learning, Visualized

Metallic Receptor

Microbial Bow

Snowy Breeze

Star Cluster

Weathered Poolmetal