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MATA - Modern Art Taking Action

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This collection's works are fairly complex in their compositions, as well as being fairly abstract. To get right into examples, Afraid Sea Wolf Familiar is a negative space-focused work that takes a silly and interpretive concept and sees how far it can be taken, while also using many other arcs and lines throughout to give shape and definition to the picture. Arachlady is similarly focused on negative space, and is somewhat more compositionally competent - the color contrast of using red to outline areas of negative space and blue to characterize the background of the work helps solidify the work's impression. Coiled Dragon turns instead to contours and arcs to define its image, rather than negative space - which it leaves to the background. While this work is quite interpretative, the way that arcs seem to spiral around a scaled head in the center, defined by the coloration of the image against the blackness of the background, give this work some compositional points. Sadistic Phantoms is a quite abstract work that does some interesting things with its archetype; instead of focusing on a deep black area, it instead uses a persistent violet tint to influence, accent, and contrast with the spiderweb of white cracks that are scattered across the image. And finally of note is Birthmark, an extraordinarily straightforward and simple work but one that is elegant in its simplicity. Please enjoy!

Afraid Sea-Wolf Familiar




Coiled Dragon

Death by Lethargic Incompetence

Sadistic Phantoms

Sage on the Cliff