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MASO - Modern Art Skilled Obfuscation

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Obfuscation here is used in a broad sense, referring both to the obscuring of meaning and to the impediment of progress - many works even obfuscate themselves, making this collection even more abstract than the norm. Many of these works also exhibit fairly somber moods; for example, Modest Desolation is a dim work that only uses color in its vertical lines, where that color is desaturated and bland. The work does a good job embodying hopelessness and desolation, with a lack of direction in which to move forward. Manipulating the Room is less overtly negative, but rather is more contemplative - it continues the compositional traditions of previous "room"-focused works such as Wonder Room. Another work, Dust Flecks in Motion, is distinctly brighter, yet maintains a lukewarm mood. The texture of the work makes the dust flecks in question distinctly visible, but the obfuscation in this work is represented by the horizontal and vertical lines that obscure some of the dust particles from view - an interesting use of these common motifs. Static-Veiled Fall Apart is straightforward in its abstraction, mixing an extremely rough texture with a wide assortment of bright colors and some rifts of blank negative space, in an unusual and exotic style. My personal favorite work this week, however, is Valent Combing, which incorporates the unusual color brown into the work, contrasting it with a calm desaturated blue in a display of excellent composition. Please enjoy!

Curtain Tricks

Dust Flecks in Motion

Halted Conquer

Manipulating the Room

Modest Desloation

Static-Veiled Fall Apart

Stressful Maintenance

Valent Combing