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Soft colors are back, after several more serious collections, and they characterize many of the works in this collection - a more relaxed one than most. Dreamworld Captain is one of the best examples of this, with its color palette consisting mainly of a soft red fading into pinkish white towards the edges of the image. The design of the work focuses on negative space, though the vertical lines of the image help with perspective and composition to make the work more effective. Entrance to Verdance is darker but no less soft - though it focuses on green rather than on red. The texture of the work is distinctly sharper, which does serve to place some level of tension throughout the work, but yet the design is fairly relaxed. Overall, the work serves as an interesting balance between calmness and apprehension. Stilted Ski Slopes is yet another work focusing on a particular set of shades, this time blue. While the colors are not as soft this time, the contours of the image are, and the image is much more concrete in what it conveys. This is one of my favorite works this week. Playing on a Hill is less measured and more frenetic, combining rough horizontal and vertical lines in white and black with a moderate yellow background and a rough texture. The work retains a carefree feel, however, despite this activity. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Guarded Serenity Canyon, a work in blue and cyan that is calm, measured, and simple in the best of ways. Please enjoy!

Dreamworld Captain

Entrance to Verdance

Guarded Serenity Canyon

Playing on a Hill

Skill Mill

Stilted Ski Slopes

Strong Base, Weak Foundation

Touching Madness