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MAIP3 - Modern Art In Pairs 3

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No work in this collection is alone; like this collection's successors MAIP and MAIP2, each has its significance in its dichotomy with its pair. While some of these pairs follow a specific sequence, others simply contrast each other, and still others toe the line. Examples of the former are Bud Budding and Bud Exploding, which depicts the development of a budding plant from infancy to maturity. Bud Budding is simple, almost a solid light green color with an evocative area of negative space that comprises the subject of the image. Bud Exploding expands on this by adding lines and contours to signify growth, while doing away with most of the calm green and replacing it with a vivacious red-orange - though it does not dispense with the green entirely, rather keeping it around to maintain more of a connection to its partner work. Examples of works that simply contrast without following a sequence can be seen in Evening Conversation and Evening Party. Unlike the previous pair, the difference between these two works mainly comes down to their color choices and brightness; Evening Party uses bright, loud colors that emphasize its negative space by contrast, while Evening Conversation uses a more subdued and concordant palette that takes the focus off of that same negative space and funnels it into the structure of the work. Together, these two works do a good job of representing the real dichotomy between deep conversations and wild parties. Next of note, a pair that toes the line between order and simple contrast is that of Bravado Devoid and Bravado Overflowing. Here, the difference between the two works is in both color and structure; Bravado Overflowing adds a multitude of bright colors and contours, to an almost overpowering degree, while Bravado Devoid seems nervous, subdued, and depressed by comparison - even despite being a work that incorporates an entire rainbow of colors! An interesting contrast, to be sure. Please enjoy!

Bravado Devoid

Bravado Overflowing

Bud Budding

Bud Exploding

Corruption Infection

Corruption Obscured

Evening Conversation

Evening Party

Field Blossomed

Field Dormant

Observing Creation

Observing Inactivity