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MAME - Modern Art Micro Extermination

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Apart from having, at first glance, a fairly indecipherable name, this collection also focuses a lot on the violet half of the color spectrum, between red and blue. To justify its title, MAME contains several works featuring either small organisms or examples of settings meant to be removed from them. Bacterial Infestation is a straightforward example, a work that takes advantage of a strange distortion that almost makes it look like it portrays organisms in a petri dish. The work mostly uses a blank canvas and a gradient from deep purple to white in order to give meaning to these figures. Segment Sickle takes the same color schee but uses it in a much more traditional style of work, incorporating a fine but regular texture and horizontal and vertical line motifs, along with using negative space to portray its subject. Stepfly is a rare rose-colored work - less aggressively pink than the more-common magenta - with a number of different interesting interpretations, only one of which is referenced in its title. Though hard to see amidst the white, the work's foreground does possess contours and layering that can affect interpretation of the image. Sheet Metalloid uses a unique color palette and an astonishingly smooth texture to present a unique style of image, fitting its name. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Harmonic Balance, a colorful yet restrained work with a uniform, digital and rough texture, whose structure references some older works such as Harp. Please enjoy!

Bacterial Infestation

Harmonic Balance

Segment Sickle

Sheet Metalloid


Tempting Scratches

Thin Counterweb

Trait of Detail