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PMPA - Psychedelic Modern Pixel Armada

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A successor to Modern Art Pixel Armada and its sequel, this collection once again displays a spaceship armada and its tools of war in small-scale, close-up pixel art. The main distinction between this collection and those ones is the variance in color; while MAPA and MAPA2 mostly stick to refined color schemes, the palettes in this collection vary greatly from work to work, eventually reaching...psychedelic proportions. Example A is The Best Camouflage, the most psychedelic work in the collection and one that is both insightful and satirical - the work largely speaks for itself. Other works in this collection can be a bit more restrained, like Space Tank, which keeps itself to a simple off-white and brown while presenting one of the more easily understandable subjects of this week's works. Protected Weaponry is another psychedelic work, but this time the subject is more clearly differentiated from the background, and is well-defined by a deep black surrounded by a rainbow border that reinforces the power of the technology portrayed. Purest Energy Ship has a lovely contrast of pink to electric blue, with the lines between the two being less defined than the usual divisions between two different colors; this helps to give the impression of the pure energy being depicted. Wall Separating Forces is a work with an interesting compositional style, blending red, a deep magenta, and blue to define sharp but indecipherable contours. But perhaps the most important work in this collection is Captain Tapper, a portrait of the commander of the Modern Art Pixel Armada. Overall, this is a huge collection with a great variety of interesting works. Please enjoy!

Captain Tapper

Electric Trapper

Fleet Airship

Harnessing Ethereal Essence

In Wait Between Dimensions

Lord Snakeship

Protected Weaponry

Purest Energy Ship

Randomspace Manipulation

Sheltered in Multiple Dimensions

Space Melee Squadron

Space Tank

The Best Camouflage

Vigilant Guardship

Wall Separating Forces