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MACD - Modern Art Covert Destruction

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This collection is rather dark overall, as is implied by its name; few of the implications are good here. But that does not stop the works themselves from being interesting. The first interesting work this week is Tired Sorry Bridge, a calm work that makes good use of the contrast of red against black. Like most of the other works in this collection, this work's subject is portrayed by its negative space; in this case, the bridge droops, tired and overworked, self-destructing slowly and painfully. Lust for Creation is a more abstract work, though it shares a similar (if slightly larger) palette; this work, setting another theme among this collection's works, makes great use of vertical lines to outline contours in the image. Shadow Octopus Extrication is a work with many predecessors, but is no less valuable for it; a comparatively concrete and coherent work, the vertical and horizontal lines against the negative space lends the work a unique sense of depth. Dreaded Hill of Shadows is an extremely unique work and yet a very simple one following a simple archetype; it is dark and restrains itself to a violet-centered color scheme, incorporating the colors red, blue, and magenta in vertical lines thick and thin. It uses these and a faint background mist to outline the silhouette of the dreaded hill, creating a complex and interesting atmosphere. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Asteroids, another work that is elegant in its simplicity, and one with a fundamentally different style than most of those in this gallery. Please enjoy!


Dreaded Hill of Shadows

Extreme Explicitness

Grenade with Leaf

Lust for Creation

Serpentine Marauder

Shadow Octopus Extrication

Tired Sorry Bridge