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MAHA - Modern Art Human Activities

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A third entry in a series about Humanity, this collection follows MAHT and MAHC to focus on abstract portrayals of the activities humans perform, beyond just the tools they use or the things they make. Dance in the Highest Court portrays the upper edge of human society, using abstract areas of negative space as a stand-in for the nobles themselves. Vertical lines combined with negative space give this work an interesting sense of perspective. Doting Servants is a similarly subdued work, very clear in its portrayal but abstract in what shapes it uses for that portrayal; here, the depth is instead provided by shading. Contemplative Deliberation is one of the most abstract works in this collection, and boasts an interestingly sparse yet varied color scheme; the essence of the work is its contrast between black and white, but vertical and horizontal lines make use of all other colors to give life to the image yet. Not all of this collection's works are so drab, however; Fingerpainted Slope is abundantly colorful, using a variety of different textures and shading styles to differentiate surfaces from each other. Tearing Weave is a beautiful work contrasting a violet pink with a soft yet strong blue, and using threads through negative space to provide a fascinating structure - not to mention the shape of the negative space itself, which cement this work's great composition. However, my personal favorite work this week is Ambitious Little Leader, another negative space-focused work that yet uses a small amount of negative space, and utilizes an unusual method of highlighting for emphasis on its lines, as well as an unusual style of dithering for its background, producing a different pattern of moire at different sizes. Please enjoy!

Ambitious Little Leader

Complicated Submarine Trap

Contemplative Deliberation

Dance in the Highest Court

Doting Servants

Fingerpainted Slope

Meter Leverage

Saving Pullup

Tearing Weave