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MAGC - Modern Art Given Choices

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This collection was hard to name, being one of those that is hard to find a consistent theme for. The name is mostly taken from Many Choices of Planes, a work that uses horizontal lines and unique color choies and shading styles to provide an illusion of much more depth than is really present in the two-dimensional work. Next to Duality is somewhat similar, using the same tricks to give the impression of depth, but taking a slightly different approach to its composition. Apprehensive to Exit also somewhat fits the collection's title; this work uses very gradual shading and a coarse texture to evoke an almost ethereal feeling, contrasted sharply by the wiry figure serving as the subject of the work. Crustacean Yoga is an individualistic work, relying on negative space, but it does an interesting job of eschewing color and thriving in a landscape composed only of white, various shades of gray, and the merest hints of green and violet. And finally of note, my preferred work this week is Figurative Volcano, a thoroughly abstract work with great shading and fascinating implications if thoroughly overanalyzed. Please enjoy!

Apprehensive to Exit

Crustacean Yoga


Figurative Volcano

Many Choices of Planes

Next to Duality

Ridged Slope

Sparodic Plant Growth