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CMA2 - Circumstantial Modern Art

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Like last collection, CMA2 has a fairly loose theme, but at least makes few pretenses about it. Rather, these works are individually interesting due to their colors and compositions. Hidden in the Woods is perhaps the most overtly interesting color-wise, using yellow and green to contrast each other, and taking an odd approach to its texturing - the background is notably sharper than the foreground, providing a unique type of scale and depth. Blue Curtain is less interesting compositionally, but is uses an interesting color combination of its own: dark blue and dark green. Sometimes simplicity is best. Next of note, Goose Wish combines a light greenish cyan with a dark red, both of these colors helping to provide context to the negative space which characterizes the subject of the image. Rustic Ovation is a multicolored yet subtle and abstract work, using interesting shading to blend a shallow orange into a somewhat desaturated green, amid using vertical lines to both help with shading and to define the contours of the image. Diminishing Verdance is another abstract work, but one with a simple green palette. The work uses several different shades of green, ranging from a light yellowish tint to a dark forest green; the horizontal lines in the background and the balls of negative space imply its meaning. My favorite work this week is Gather with a Slash, an intricate yet simple, and impeccably sharp work with a cohesive cyan-centered palette. Please enjoy!

A Cliff of Metaphor

Blue Curtain

Diminishing Verdance

Gather with a Slash

Goose Wish

Hidden in the Woods

Rustic Ovation

Uplifted Upon Pins