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MAPE - Modern Art Passion Experiments

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A more abstract collection, MAPE leverages its wider principles to accept a variety of compositionally and colorfully interesting works. First among these is Throwing It All Out There, a negative space-focused work featuring crisp shading and bright red, orange, yellow, cyan, and blue colors in its palette. The work's thin wires give and general contours give it a sense of motion that underscores its name, making it a very effective work. Experiences of a Mossy Rock is as compositionally consistent, but much more restrained in its color palete, sticking only to black, white, and shades of a fittingly mossy green. Center of a Dying Faith is a compositionally abstract work with a truly fascinating color palette - a strong yet uncertain yellow, underscored by a weak lavender and then a dull brown, almost providing a hopeless feeling that is very in tune with the work's title. In contrast, Transient Infatuation is a much brighter work, and a much simpler one, that gets its message across more by its coloration and the few vertical line segments scattered across it than by its composition. Indeed, the work is a bright pink color, very distinct among the works in this collection and a few shades away from a proper magenta. But my personal favorite work this week is Universal Rebirth, a fantastic work with a vey unique composition and a fascinating use of negative space and color to portray what looks like a window into a new, fantastic universe. Please enjoy!

A Cleansing Warmth

Center of a Dying Faith

Experiences of a Mossy Rock

Experiment in Love

Repentance Before the End

Spoon Material

Throwing It All Out There

Transient Infatuation

Universal Rebirth