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UDMA - Unfocused Direction Modern Art

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This collection gives no pretense of having a particularly cohesive set of works; but as usual, all of this collection's works are individually interesting and fairly unique. Dream-Contained Storm is a work that uses old, tested motifs and design elements all in a new way; horizontal lines, vertical lines, negative space, contours against white and dark blue-green, and the wisps of dust are all here, but together they give a brand new impression, and a cohesive one at that. Decisions to Match is a bold, simple work that focuses on the contrast between two main colors, a reddish pink and a strong violet. This work's elegance is in its simplicity. Slight Wave of Adjustments is an interesting work of pixel art that focuses entirely on the secondary colors, and in small, disorganized bursts. Of all the works in this collection, this one may represent the collection's title most strongly. Dizzy at Sunrise is an almost blurry work with an unfocused texture but a very atmospheric color palette and feeling; its less polished texture actually makes it distinct among other works of its ilk. But my personal favorite work this week is Trapped Just Shy of Victory, a sharp work with a solid, restricted reddish color palette and a cohesive, evocative composition. Please enjoy!

Decisions to Match

Dizzy at Sunrise

Dream-Contained Storm

Fertilizing the Grass

Infatuated Leader

Moody and Thus Forgotten

Slight Wave of Adjustments

Trapped Just Shy of Victory