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MAHM - Modern Art Human Movement

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Following on from the previous entries in the Human series of Modern Art (including MAHT, MAHC, and MAHA, this collection aims to portray some of the movement that occurs across the lives of humans, in its own abstract way. Sloped Tightrope makes use of vertical lines and negative space to provide an abstract impression of its title - the contrast between bright lines and deep blackness help to create some depth that underscores the image's main initiative. Next of note, Rigger is a sharp, well-composed work with depth provided by color variance, and a similar sense of diagonal movement, though this time caused by the contour of the work rather than by its lines. Sideways Streak is one of the most simple and straightforward works to appear in this gallery, but once again its design and its very faint vignette do their best to provide a sense of motion. Old Rotary Generator is a rough work that instead emphasizes lack of movement - on a plane, at least. Rather, the design in the center of the work emphasizes rotational movement, in accordance with the work's name. And finally of note, Sliding Along Above is crisp and perhaps the most cohesive work in this collection. Please enjoy!

Bulb Reverse

Old Rotary Generator


Sideways Streak

Sliding Along Above

Sloped Tightrope

Stable Yet Questionable

Viar Climb