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EVMA - Experimental Viewpoints Modern Art

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This collection is a bit vague. Its title refers more to a figurative definition of "viewpoints", representing ways of looking at the works from without and within, rather than looking at the viewpoint from which the works are portrayed. Shadows of the Allegory is the clearest portrayal of this metaphor, as it alludes directly to Plato's Allegory of the Cave. It does so using a simple red and gray palette, and using very loose, smudge-like borders. Shade of What Was takes the theme a bit more literally, only showing the viewer a part of the subject, the rest wreathed in blackest shadow, the red fading out in gradual stages. The work's texture is a bit too rough for its shading to qualify as being in the pastel gradient style, but the work's highlights and the sense of movement evoked by its slightly inclined lines make it a unique enough work. Bouncy Northern Terrain uses a completely different color scheme than one would expect, thus again taking the title of this collection a little more literally - but its texture is interesting and novel for a work of its archetype. Pretending to be Sylphs goes back to taking the collection's title figuratively. A negative space-focused work with a nice focus on a soft cyan, the title of this piece implores the viewer to consider the perspectives, the viewpoints, of those portrayed within it. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Electrical Equalization, perhaps the most abstract work in this collection but also the sharpest and arguably the most compositionally fascinating. Please enjoy!

Bouncy Northern Terrain

Electrical Equalization

Hardening Beach

Looking Inside a Terrarium

Odd Frosting

Pretending to be Sylphs

Shade of What Was

Shadows of the Allegory

Underwater Wavebreakers