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MAAE4 - Modern Art Animal Edition 4

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Like the previous Animal Edition collections, this collection focuses on depicting animals in the usual abstract Modern Art way. Starting right off, Cephalopod Waiting is a simple work with a defined and pretty rigid blue-teal color palette. The area of interest is the bottom-right corner of the image, where a cephalopod does lie in wait - camouflaged somewhat against the background, contrary to what might otherwise be negative space in the image. Dinobird Descendants is a straightforward negative space-focused work with the exact opposite palette. This work is a fair bit more abstract, however, though still recognizable for what it strives to be. The textures of the foreground and background help contribute to the era the work 's subject is supposed to be from. Shark Leader is yet anther negative space-focused work with a fairly restrained color palette, though a bit more concrete. In fact, the shapes of the negative space in the upper-left almost resembles a killer whale more than a shark. Bug on a Picnic Blanket is a very interesting work because of its texture and pattern - a violet-blue grid that stretches across the whole of the otherwise-green background, textured so finely it has a unique feel compared to most other works in this gallery.The negative space in this work is, unusually, white, and is fairly concrete as negative space imagery goes in this gallery. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is The Greediest of Insectivores, a work that incorporates ripple waves into its portrayal of some sort of insect-eater. These waves, in light green and yellow, contrast nicely with the blackness of the work's negative space. Please enjoy!

Beached Longfish

Bug on a Picnic Blanket

Cap Squid

Cephalopod Waiting

Dinobird Descendants

Shark Leader

Snake in the Ether

The Greediest of Insectivores