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CFMA - Communication-Focused Modern Art

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For a theme, this collection focuses on its designs more than its composition, each work emphasizing at least some mode or aspect of communication, as a principle. Communication can come in many forms, however, and be expressed in many different mediums. Mote Communicability is one of the most straightforward works, though also a very abstract work. The borders of negative spaces are sharp, and the color scheme is a consistent light blue, contrasted with the red horizontal lines towards the top of the image. These lines help add some context to the image, portraying the white surface covering most of the image as a medium, rather than as empty space. Sampling a Snack is another sharp image, though less abstract this time and very simple in composition. It focuses on only one color as well as white and black, and the contours of its negative space can be interpreted in two different ways depending on which direction you look at it from. Either direction ties back to the name of the work. Introducing Swelter is strikingly warm, and emphasizes horizontal lines alternating between various colors and textures. The vertical lines punctuating the horizontal ones help to give an impression of rising, of some level of verticality, which is meant to combine with the palette of the image to evoke a certain feeling. A Painting Unable has a sparse, pale color palette and an interesting, almost watercolory way of applying its magenta to the edges of its negative space. Together with the shapes of that negative space, forming what may be a figure but also what may not be, and using the area of pale green to contrast with the bland white background of the rest of the work, this image gives a unique impression. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Imbalance in Emotion, the most notable features of which are its unique texture and the contrast between the cloud of red and the cloud of deep violet-blue. The colors, of course, are symbolic. Please enjoy!

A Painting Unable

Contemplation Bubbles

Focused Block

Imbalance in Emotion

Introducing Swelter

Mote Communicability

Sampling a Snack

Unseemly Effort