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MANM - Modern Art Not Maintained

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This collection houses mainly abstract works whose titles tie them in loosely with the theme of the collection. Another trend with these works is that they tend to be sharp in design and composition. The first work of note exemplifies this: Unfocused Maintainer, a sharp work in blue and cyan. The many arms of the figure in the center are meant to symbolize the lack of focuse of the subject of the work, and the activity with which it builds and maintains the structures behind itself. Next, Energy Flow in Sewage is a dim work with an unusually effective sense of lighting and highlights, as a result of its interesting usage of color. The contours of the work, combined with its coloration and use of negative space to provide both the distant background and the obstruction in the front of the work, help give the work depth. As Creators Carve the Hills is another work with good depth, this time due almost entirely to its shading and the contours created by interesting uses of negative space. The color scheme is a normal red vs blue contrast, but at a substantially lower saturation than usual. Tireless Lonely Heart is a peach-colored work whose contours do a lot of the work in defining its subject and goals, with vertical lines used to accentuate the structure of the work on a contour level. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Caught, Trapped, and Okay, because it goes beyond the typical work in its composition and themes. It is a very modern, young work in its themes: depressing, hopeless, but willing to work with the situation and make the best of it. On an artistic level, the work is sharp and has an unusual but tasteful color scheme.

As Creators Carve the Hills

Caught, Trapped, and Okay

Cranial Shadow

Energy Flow In Sewage

Glancing Through a Buffer

Necessary Reminders of Importances

Tireless Lonely Heart

Unfocused Maintainer