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RAMA - Reaching Away Modern Art

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This is one of the more literal collection titles presented in this gallery, though it remains figurative and abstract in many of the works within. One especially notable thing about this collection is the high variety of different colors within its works, breaking the mold in ways. Reaching for the Source is a yellow-oriented work that matches its collection's title perfectly with the design its negative space creats. Also of note in this work is the contrast between the foreground yellow and the background yellow, separated by a curtain of white; the hand is reaching for the last remnants of what once characterized the outside world but has since faded, and this may or may not be a good thing. Leaving Interest Away is instead a pale violet, almost lilac color, alongside a somewhat rough texture and a lot of empty space. The work is heavily contemplative, melancholy, and the subject outlined by the work's negative space seems to be reaching back out of despair or melancholy. Absentminded Puppeteer is also violet, but is more animated and more concrete in design. The division between the puppeteer and the strings he manipulates is emphasized in the texture of the two areas of the work; the former is flat negative space, whereas the latter are thin vertical line segments, covered in noise and static. This noise and static also emphasizes the mood of the puppeteer, who is disinterested in getting rid of it and controlling his puppets properly. Angledim is an unusual shade of red, with a pretty abstract design that yet is deliberate and defined. Consider the circle of negative space as the head of a figure, enrobed in the dark gray area beneath, and let the contours defining the edges of that area of the work define his profile and limbs. The other two, smaller, areas of negative space are meant to be the fingers with which the figure interacts with the world around him - his pose is actually quite dynamic, ready to jump into action. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is A More Intelligent Bug, a small-scale work (almost, but not quite, on the scale of pixel art) that uses negative space as silhouettes and uses its colors as motion lines and drop shadows, an interesting and unique stylistic choice. Please enjoy!

A Deformed Hand, Touching Things

A More Intelligent Bug

Absentminded Puppeteer


Descent Accompanied by Feelings

Dragonfly Works Tirelessly

Leaving Interest Away

Reaching for the Source