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MAML - Modern Art Meaningful Locales

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This collection focuses on places and environments, sculpted and composed in as interesting a way as possible. There's a lot of variety to be found here - starting off, Palace of Mirage is white with a strong red background, emphasizing its subject by the contours of the white space in front. Many little scratches and vertical line segments are thrown in here to help define depth and contours, but the central tower of the structure is the most distinctive, its blue and violet contrasting brilliantly with the red and black background behind it. Next, Shrouded Haven is a dark work with fascinating use of cracks and of horizontal lines. Each of these features contrasts with its surrounding color to define the area of which it is part, be it the black shroud of branches and obfuscations or the deep green area of order, stability, and peace hidden within. Cavoltum is an abstract, electric work almost entirely composed of vertical and horizontal lines contrasting with negative space. The work hardly contains any solid colors at all, preferring to use the edges of its lines, where they fade into the surrounding negative space, to define its contours. The little solid color it does use is leveraged to differentiate one surface from another, giving the work a nice depth. Of Sea, Sky, and Land is a negative-space-focused work that emphasizes individuals over environments; however, the three clear figures represented in this work are themselves representatives of the three domains of Nature - the earth, the sky, and the water. The background of the work is understated yet chaotic, as are the silhouettes themselves, personifying the nature of Nature and the terrifying potential it still possesses. And finally of note, my personal favorite work is Needled Grove, a green monochromatic work that uses an interesting compositional style - "needling" - and an interesting new texture, contrasting against smooth backgrounds and making excellent use of shading and contours. Please enjoy!


Difficult Vortex

Honorable Fold

Natural Basin

Needled Grove

Of Sea, Sky, and Land

Palace of Mirage

Shrouded Haven

Spacing Things in Space