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HFMA - Hard Feelings Modern Art

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You know that feeling after an argument, or a breakup? A Hard feeling, or hard feelings between people. These works attempt to tap into that feeling and use it as inspiration. First, Squished Away in a Corner is a yellow work, incorporating some cyan as a complimentary color, that uses vacant space and contours to define its subject - the mass of black, stuck in the corner and trapped in by the white-cyan barriers keeping it from the outside. Unlike most yellow works in this gallery, this one is somewhat dim and dull by comparison. Tango For One relies much more on the typical negative-space-embodying-the-subject archetype that is common in this gallery's works; in this case, the figure is outlined in a magenta aura with a white foreground and a red to dark red background. The pose of the figure is the most notable here, as it is dynamic, conveys motion, and despite being fully amorphous gets across the point of the work as well as any piece of Modern Art found on this website. Next, The Flock's Fate is a violet work, shaded almost in a pastel gradient style, but the shading is not the purpose of the work. Rather, the kerfuffle towards the left edge of the work is more important, representing a storm or hazard into which a flock of birds flies - represented clearly in silhouette by the ripped crosses highlighted by the pink part of the background. What remains, right of the flock, is chaotic and hostile, and perhaps the black figure in the top corner is the architect of the chaos. How Heartbreak is Conveyed is lighter yet still melancholy, an abstract work focusing on magenta and a lighter pink. Using a very traditional broken-monitor style, the overlapping contours on the left side of the image give an allusion to a broken heart, while the calmer and darker right side of the work is reflective and sad. But my personal favorite work this week is Brush Through Flakes, a fully abstract, monochromatic violet work with a focus on an interesting artistic texture and lighting. Definitely the lightest and most ambiguous work in the collection, it stands on its own as a work of art more than of emotional expression.

Brush Through Flakes

From a Tinted Mirror

How Heartbreak is Conveyed

Overseer Cannot Decide

Squished Away in a Corner

Tango For One

The Flock's Fate

Unimportant Individuality