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EEMA - Explorative Entities Modern Art

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This work focuses on portraying specific subjects, exploring their environments and generally living their lives. From an artistic perspective, many of these works are also very colorful, either mixing together two interesting colors or focusing on one unusual color. Spirit Wisp is one of the former, with a nice violet hue covering one side of the work and a white background - with a wispy figure floating in front of it - on the other. The work is simple and contemplative, raising the question of what the spirit is doing in the picture. Dueling Shellfish is on the other end of the spectrum, a blue- and pink-focused work with a rough texture and divisions between areas of different colors, and a much more dynamic figure outlined in the negative space. Those areas of blackness that don't make up the dueling figures themselves instead outline the contours of the work, whereas the pink foreground allows the blue highlights on each figure to stand out and the blue background provides a fitting barrier for the larger figure. Imbued in the Hillside is a relaxing, golden-yellow work with an interesting composition. Whereas one corner of the image thrives on the calm golden color and a fine, consistent texture outlined by horizontal lines, the other edge is cracked in places and overtaken in some by blackness. This texturing helps provide a dynamic sense of depth and contour, and gives this work its name. Strung-Up Fly is a fascinating work, with a colorful but very understated background and a distinctive figure outlined by negative space. Notably, most of the important lines in this work are sticky-textured, ragged, and colored with thick violet and magenta, outlining the predicament in which the work's subject is caught. And finally of note is Cool Angler, a dark-green and aqua-toned work with a consistent, smooth shading style and excellent use of contours, vertical lines, highlights and shadows, and general shading and color transitions to give an impression of depth. Please enjoy!

Cool Angler

Dueling Shellfish

Imbued in the Hillside

Inquisitive Buzzerbug

Spirit Wisp


Strung-Up Fly

Swim Beneath a Cliff