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MAGB - Modern Art Getting By

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This collection emphasizes a resigned feeling, just making it through the day without fanfare, and maybe with some difficulty. It conveys a contradictory lack of particular interest portrayed by each work. One simple example is Relaxing against a Hill, a very simple work whose horizontal lines impart depth and a sense of activity and movement to the work's background, contrasting with the plain and fairly static foreground and the small figure leaning against it. The work also maintains an interesting sense of scale, based around the size of its protagonist. Swaying in Flight is another fairly standard work, focused on negative space and with both a plain foreground and a plain background. As is usual with this type of work, the lines of negative space serve to emphasize the contours of the work and the motion of the figure it portrays. Crawling Around Traps has a bright yet slightly unsaturated yellow background accompanied by a rough texture, but is another fairly standard negative space-focused work. The division between the foreground and background of the work is fairly clear by the contours of said foreground where it fades into layers, and the crawling figure in the front is clearly distinguishable from what lies behind it due to the vertical lines. Said lines also serve as traps, being avoided by the figure as it attempts to get from one side of the image to the other. Cultivating Wine is an unusual burghundy color, with a clear division between foreground, midground, and background enunciated by differences in color and by vertical and horizontal lines respectively. The work principally makes use of three shades - white for the foreground, burghundy for the midground, and a matching light red for the background - with some other colors for highlights and, of course, black to represent the figure doing the cultivation. The color of this work is what most plays into the meaning it tries to convey. And finally of note is Building in the Earliest Times, an interesting and colorful work with excellent use of color transitions and lighting, affecting all parts of the image and the figure that takes precedence. Please enjoy!

A Hook to Get Along

Building in the Earliest Times

Crawling Around Traps

Cultivating Wine

Navigating the Dune

Pressure of Boasting

Relaxing Against a Hill

Swaying in Flight