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SDMA - Strong Drive Modern Art

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This is another heavily abstract collection, with a figurative title and works with designs that may be metaphorical in their relation to the title of the collection. A very confusing affair, but it need not be understood fully, just appreciated. The first work of note is Harrowed Bean Chain, one of the more concrete works in this collection. The object the work portrays is important, in context - the potential drive of obtaining it is what links it to the title of this collection. Compositionally, this work focused on a strong but rusty orange color, fading in stages into a bright yellow. Comrades in Kingship has a similar color scheme but a completely different composition, focusing on how strong orange threads and searing red borders emphasize the negative space that comprises either of the two figures the work portrays. The two figures use similar motifs in their design, seeing as they are both kings. Nurturer of Greater Being is an encouraging, uplifting work with another dim color scheme. This work thrives on its rough texture and shadows, but is not a fundamentally negative work - the incline of the lower plane of the image and the thinning of the main area from the left to the right signifies improvement and progress being facilitated for the figures of negative space in between. Encouraging Mentor and Try-Try-Tryers Succeeding are similarly uplifting works, with similar compositions to each other and similar themes as well. And finally of note, Behemoth Rises is the most dangerous work in this collection, and is as concrete as it can be considering that the notion of Behemoth is an abstract, metaphorical being. Regardless, the work's solid composition and strong color scheme makes it notable. Please enjoy!

Behemoth Rises


Comrades in Kingship

Encouraging Mentor

Harrowed Bead Chain

Inability to Perfect

Nurturer of Greater Being

The Eyes of Patience

Try-Try-Tryers Succeeding