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MALB - Modern Art Left Behind

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This collection is once again very somber, both in coloration and in tone. As per usual, "left behind" is a more figurative theme than literal, but there are some cases where it makes more direct sense. Imprisoned, for example, is a predominantly gray work focusing exclusively on digital-textured vertical lines. The lighting of the work shifts across it, and there are small bits of color to be found within the monotony, which makes the work stand out. In terms of this collection's title, this work represents being left behind in a cell - to be imprisoned. Disruption in Passing is less dark of a work, but is rather more wistful - leaving behind someone by disrupting them in passing and then refusing to acknowledge them. Artistically, this work sticks to a teal-centered palette, with some green and blue on either side of the work. It uses its contours and shading, as well as its negative space, to define depth. Remnants of Life in Fog is thoroughly dull, except for where it isn't - it uses some negative space and some colorful (if not bright) pink to contrast with the neutral gray that characterizes most of the rest of the image. The work's texture and usage of a large swath of empty space help to convey the message it focuses on. Bored and Blue emphasizes the feelings involved in being left behind, though it is (somewhat ironically) a shade of deep violet rather than blue. The figure in the bottom-right contains wisps of the colors on either side of violet, emphasizing more consciousness and activity within it than within the large, empty rest of the image, which is deliberately boring but for its coloration. But my personal favorite work this week is Pain and Consequences, a red-focused work that is largely pink, with some startlingly suggestive shapes of blood and wounds - a much more direct portrayal than is usually seen in this gallery. Please enjoy!

Bored and Blue

Disruption In Passing

Hanging Into Stagnance


Obfuscation of Potential

Once Created, Left to Rot

Pain and Consequences

Remnants of Life in Fog