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MADN - Modern Art Depicting Nature

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This is not the first collection to use nature as a theme, but the works in this collection are generally darker than other collections depicting nature. Nature is not just beautiful, but also powerful and dangerous - and that is important to keep in mind. Curse from the Sky is a simple, foreboding work in this vein, using general blurriness and a fade between the complimentary colors of orang-red and yellow-green to give an impression of conflict. Peak of a Meaningless Mountain is another dour work, though with a different strategy. For one, it is much more sharp, and rather than fading from one color to another, it instead uses a jarring bright green as a contrast for the red background to highlight a figure in the foreground. Figuratively, the work represents the meaningless, the hopelessness, from conquering nature - nature does not exist to be conquered, and doing so is unsatisfying for the figure in the picture. Hill of Pins is more abstract than most of the rest of the works in this collection, requiring a certain viewpoint to see it as representative of its title; however, the work boasts an unusual set of visual motifs, making it generally unique. Blocking the Evening Sun is a standard work with a fairly high level of absolute quality - it focuses on a bright yellow background and contrasts that with a dark teal and black foreground, using good, sharp composition all the while. And finally of note, Natural Civilization Finale is once again sharp and very dark in feel, depicting the end by contrasting a soft green with a deep, faded red. The work's rough texture and the inconsistent composition of the green areas also help this impression. Please enjoy!

Blocking the Evening Sun

Curse from the Sky

Hill of Pins

Hilly Valleys of Possibilities

Natural Civilization Finale

Nature Sprites

Peak of a Meaningless Mountain

The Mountain Man