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DWMA - Distressed Worlds Modern Art

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Similar to previous collections focusing on other worlds, the works in this collection portray locales not our own. Not carefree new worlds, though - rather, distressed new worlds, ones we do not know how to handle, which might not be in good condition themselves. Smog Buffer is the first and foremost of these, a dull green work with little change in saturation between different sections, and one that portrays a certainly realistic but certainly not desirable state of affairs for the fixture that is pictured. Obfuscatory Shadowing is dark and dystopian in much the same way, but is more evasive - this world hides itself from the viewer, afraid to present its ugliness. Notably, the work uses a pastel gradient style of shading where it uses it at all, which gives the world behind the black veil an interesting tone and connotation. Monuments Against the Plasma is a lighter, yellow- and green-focused work using an uncommon and refreshing color palette; but it is also a work that is grim in its connotations, contrasting the blackness of its negative space against the light moire and small shards of a fluorescent green which are all that is left of the civilization the work portrays. Not all the works in this collection are outright negative, however; A Touch of Creativity is a more positive work that uses a rough texture and a tissue-paper shading style to transition between a strange mix of yellow, green, and pink that works anyway. The new world is disorganized, perhaps, but certainly not negative - at least, not yet. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Elysium of Geometry, a work that takes the aforementioned tissue-paper shading style far enough to make the work the premier example of it in this gallery; otherwise, the work is pleasantly abstract but not without uniqueness and charm in its relative simplicity. Please enjoy!

A Touch Of Creativity

Elysium of Geometry

Glance Into a Warmer World

Groundwater Crack

Monuments Against the Plasma

Obfuscatory Shadowing

Smog Buffer

Voids Up