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MAFF - Modern Art Flowing Freely

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This collection is fairly abstract, not tightly constrained by its title. Starting off, Unto a Set is apricot-colored on the right and metallic, characterized by vertical lines, on the left. The work's palette is certainly its most striking feature, but even the section with the vertical lines is itself divided into three "segments" bridging the gap from the left edge of the image to the right. Next, Chaos from an Open Book is focused on its design, using mainly erratic lines and jagged edges to convey the chaos emerging from the open book, drawn in negative space at the bottom center of the image. The texture of the work's green background encourages this impression, as to the random blue highlights. Pincer Spellcasting uses both design and palette brilliantly to convey its point, using the white-focused vertical lines to emphasize the negative space that predominantly defines the image. The color gradient of the background helps especially to set the atmosphere of the work: the background has not yet been directly affected by the foreground. Currents from Many Bubbles thrives on its texture, a rough wave of moire directly visible. The brilliant violet bubbles towards the bottom of the image, which might otherwise be understated, are understood to provoke these waves, and the white-hot area nearby might be part of the cause of both. This work is fairly simple compositionally, and better for it. And finally of note, Bubbling Magma is even more simple and elegant, amounting to little more than a gradient and a texture.And yet, the sharp and immediate change in both color and texture, the bubbles fading away just as the work shifts color to yellow, leaves a sharp impression of where one fluid stops and another begins. Please enjoy!

Bubbling Magma

Chaos from an Open Book

Currents from Many Bubbles

Glimpse of Stars in a Lab

It's Chilly Outside

Pincer Spellcasting

Some Connections Break

Unto a Set