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SRMA - Solemnly Revered Modern Art

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Thematically, these works are meant to be serious and revered, worthy of attention and care. On a compositional level, the works are almost a call back to an earlier, NWMA-ish, style - significantly more coarse in composition, with bolder colors and a less delicate style. This is most overt in Hall Holding Hues, a work that uses the same motif as Rainbow Outside a Cave, with agressive levels of color saturation. The emphasis on horizontal lines helps the work feel contiguous like a hallway. Limits of Our Consideration is more interpretive, again reusing motifs that have been seen before and again aggressively focusing on saturation, but at the same time using a lovely lavender as its primary hue and a nice deep blue as a secondary color. The wavering borders between the lavender and the white on the left side of the picture, and the vertical lines, are meant to symbolize the limits of which the work's title speaks, and it's notable that they are fading into each other - the limits are fading, gradually. Noble Spirit of a Unicorn is simple and straightforward, a negative space-focused work that makes the most sense after a prolonged viewing. This work is one of the more Rorschach-y ones, the area of black space and white lines lending itself to many possible interpretations besides the one that the work's title goes with. The background of the work is a pale green fading into an unconventional yellow-green, which is interesting. Unlit Candle in a Bowl is a work that uses positive space in a way that only negative space is usually used. The darkness of the background sweeps around into the foreground to isolate the candle, and the colors just barely perceptible from the background almost give the impression of smoke rising from a point out of view, perhaps an allusion to more candles that are lit, unlike the one in front of us. And finally of note, Hail of Sunlight is simply a beautiful usage of color against black, a radiant white-yellow-orange gradient in a valley of shadow, illuminating a red area right in the foreground. Despite how much of the work is covered in blackness, it maintains a sense of depth and an impeccable composition. Please enjoy!

A Thing Revered by Insects

Beggars From All Sides

Hail of Sunlight

Hall Holding Hues

Limits of Our Consideration

Noble Spirit of a Unicorn

Oversee a Passage

Unlit Candle in a Bowl