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MAAN - Modern Art Appreciating Normalcy

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This collection is no less unique than any other, but it strives to portray fairly normal subject matter, and to be relatable in a way that some other, more adventurous, collections are not. Dusty Ridge is a simple view of a desert, for example - a yellow-orange hue given to the sand, and a more intense orange-red background to represent the heat of that environment. Mossy Pool is also a landscape, in a manner of speaking, and though it is very archetypical it uses a nice blend of green and yellow. The distinction between light green and dark green emphasizes the divide between the work's foreground and background, and the coloration of the cliffs next to the pool is close enough to real life to be effective in giving that impression. Stringbeans Strung is interesting compositionally only for its distinction from other negative space-focused works. For once, this work uses colors on a black background to paint its subject, and it gets the colors exactly right at that. The emptiness of the black background emphasizes how the dirt in which these sprouts are embedded is not important to the image, and the fade away into a consistent, yellowish dirt color towards the edges of the work gives more reassurance that it is indeed meant to represent dirt. Build Things in Cool Colors is probably the most abstract work in this collection, but uses a nice, consistent color palette involving just blue, cyan, and a heavily desaturated violet-blue. If it can be said to portray anything in particular, it portrays a crafter, building just behind our view in a workshop tinted blue. And finally of note, Thin Bridges Between Pillars is a beautiful, colorful brown color in the background, contrasting nicely against a foreground of columns and crack-contours. The use of vertical lines in the foreground and horizontal lines in the background give the work a nice sense of depth. Please enjoy!

Build Things in Cool Colors

Curious Ledge

Dusty Ridge

Gap in the Distance

Mossy Pool

Overcooked Greenery

Stringbeans Strung

Thin Bridges Between Pillars