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MACS2 - Modern Art Color Study 2 - Ghast

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As a celebration of the 200th numbered collection in this gallery, I present to you another color study. Like the first Modern Art Color Study, only one unique source is represented in this collection, a static source modified not in form but in color. Each of the 20 works in this collection was carefully modified, colors tuned to evoke a specific mood. To that end, unlike the first color study, each work is named for an emotion, following the color of the work. As before, I won't be describing any of these works individually, as there isn't enough thematic variance for it to be useful - better to examine them and take from them what you find personally meaningful. However, I will note that the original work from which the rest of these studies were created was around halfway between Ancient Ghast and Neglected Ghast in coloration, and it was thoroughly uninteresting on its own - hence why I decided to turn it into a color study. Overall, the Modern Art Color Studies are some of the purest examples of what this gallery is trying to accomplish - an experiment in the agency and creativity I can access in the creation of modern art. Please enjoy!

Amourous Ghast

Ancient Ghast

Contemplative Ghast

Contented Ghast

Depressed Ghast

Disheartened Ghast

Dreamy Ghast

Dusty Ghast

Enraged Ghast

Expectant Ghast

Fatigued Ghast

Forgotten Ghast

Intrigued Ghast

Joyous Ghast

Neglected Ghast

Passionate Ghast

Seething Ghast

Serene Ghast

Sorrowful Ghast

Triumphant Ghast