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MAAP - Modern Art Annoying Protection

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Sometimes, having to be protected is annoying. Other times, trying to protect someone is annoying. This collection strives to put those feelings into pictures, taking "protection" both literally and figuratively. An easy example of the latter is Compartmentalizing, a process one uses to protect oneself. The two halves of the image have two wildly different moods, with the right half seeming to be boxed in except where it intersects with the left half - meant to represent why compartmentalization is necessary, against the part of the mind that is not compartmentalized. Choices for Cultivation reflects the need to cultivate someone who one is protecting and nurturing, and its blend of low-fidelity vertical lines, soft colors, and odd gradients all indicate different choices and aspects for the direction of that cultivation. Opening Left Unapproached is a fairly simple work that uses the lack of presence that is the color black as a shorthand for a lack of protection - and yet the red background does not encroach upon it. Meaningless Gating-Off is a very old-school work in terms of composition, and its composition makes it very clear what its title is supposed to refer to. The red background signifies passion and frustration at the meaninglessness alluded to by the work's title. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Small Domain of Protection, a rich blue and violet work that uses a similar motif to Compartmentalizing, but this time extends it arond the entire area of protection. What is outside, signified by the areas of ligher blue and the black figures, is dangerous, but inside the domain is serene. Please enjoy!

A Possible Covering

Choices for Cultivation


Meaningless Gating-Off

Opening Left Unapproached

Small Domain of Protection

Staving Off a Fog

Treasure for an Archaeologist

Veiled Wall of Ice