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Nothing in this collection is important. Or, at least, that's the impression that each work tries to give - that of an incidental daydream, an ultimately inconsequential vision or random thought. Casual Expressionlessness brings a brilliant orange color scheme, contrasted against complimentary light blue highlights and a composition that, while not necessarily abstract, is pretty arbitrary. For that reason it perfectly fits into the collection's theme. Depression Against a Waterskin is somewhat monochromatic, but boasts a very simple composition, with colors that accurately reflect what it's going for. The fade from cyan into white as the "depression" gets further in is a notable detail here. Mountainshade of Calm is a soft, simple work, and one of the most relaxing in this collection. Its title alludes to that, but its texture and the little imperfections within the mountain itself give some depth and provide some doubt. Manipulating Magma is bright and energetic, a whimsical if fantastical idea. Besides the color of the highlighted area, the work's texture and the dithering as the focus of the yellow streak grows farther and farther away really helps to sell the idea of magma, as does the palette of the rest of that half of the image. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Soft Backbreaker, a work notable for its calm and relaxing color palette deliberately contrasted against a questionable, interprative image and subject. This is one of the more Rorschach-y works in this gallery, and can be taken to portray any of several different things, or hold any of several different meanings. Please enjoy!

Big Ol' Bird

Camouflaged Seal

Casual Expressionlessness

Coexistence of Birds and Bugs

Depression Against a Waterskin

Manipulating Magma

Mountainshade of Calm

Soft Backbreaker

Varied Update