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FDMA5 - Full Digital Modern Art 5

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Like its predecessors (1, 2, 3, 4), these works all come from the same source, malfunctioning in a variety of different ways and with different backdrops and attitudes attached. Starting off, Intermittent Gardens and Intermittent Lava come as a pair, boasting extremely similar compositions to each other in all respects besides their color schemes. The different emotional response evoked by each of them speaks to the importance of that particular aspect in a work's composition. Video Interference takes a middle ground between the two, opting not for either color but for a stark monochrome and thin horizontal lines of various shades of gray, which give the impression of precise control and suppression of feeling. Array of Hardly-Marked Pillars is the most colorful work in this collection by a wide margin, and while the same motif is somewhat visible in its composition, the activity of color across the image distracts from that and paints a picture of a setting, rather than of an emotion. Cross Sections of Rings takes what might otherwise be one of the more generic works in this collection and adds discrete, layered shading to it to provide a unique sense of depth that a simple gradient would never be able to. The blurriness of the horizon, as portrayed by this work, is evocative in a way that a sharp image couldn't be, making the work much more interesting. However, my personal favorite work this week is Cubism, a work with a wholly unique compositional style compared to any other work in this gallery, which somehow manages to break from the motifs that its sister works are bound to follow. As is reflected by its name, Cubism alludes to a real artistic style and movement, doing so with just the type of color scheme to be the most effective in that endeavor. Please enjoy!

Array of Hardly-Marked Pillars

Cross-Sections of Rings


Incomprehensible E-Form

Intermittent Gardens

Intermittent Lava


Rostering To the Distance

Video Interference