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GDMA - Generally Dark Modern Art

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Not all of the works in this collection rely completely on their darkness, but most either as central motifs or in contrast to other parts of themselves. A Well-Structured Shroud does the former, using the large area of darkness as the subject of the image. The slightly lighter section of the dark foreground deliberately contrasts the sharper, deeper black around it, and it is meant to be the object being shrouded. Oh the other hand, Outcropping Essenced uses black as a background color, contrasting it against light yellow and pink in the foreground, and dithering in some green dust against the black. In general, this image's use of dust and artifacts alludes to the essence of the feature displayed in its foreground - as its title implies. Tattered Suit Jacket uses similar techniques to simply set an atmosphere, and contrast a dingy yellowed foreground against a sharp black background. Otherwise, the work shares a similar form with a number of past works, the most notable among them being Casual Business. Space at Night is an interesting case, being composed at a scale common for pixel art, but relying on artifacts and shading to present itself in a totally unconventional way. The work is in monochrome, and while the points of light are hardly visible against the light source at the bottom-left corner of the image, the further away they get from that source the brighter they appear - just like in our own night sky. White or Black Ink takes an interesting approach in how it leaves it ambiguous to the viewer whether the black or the white is the foreground of the image. It is able to do this because of its simple, sharp, and interperative composition. The strong magenta undertone that makes up the work's background might give a clue as to the solution. Please enjoy!

A Well-Structured Shroud

Many-Colored Swell


Outcropping Essenced

Rough Contour Edges

Space at Night

Tattered Suit Jacket

White or Black Ink