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PASA - Pixel Art Spatial Anomaly

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Another collection of Modern Pixel Art, the theme of these works is a bit loose - some hold to it more tightly than others. If "spatial anomaly" is taken to refer to any unexpected phenomenon, it makes somewhat more sense. So, first of note, Armada Citadel is a standard work of its archetype. It uses jagged vertical lines - not the same as the smaller, thinner ones that larger works use so often - to provide a sense of height and suspension, with a more rounded central figure suspended in the middle. The smaller designs emanating from that central figure, and the subtle gradient shift of the background, emphasizes it as a center of power. Next, Leap Out of the Shadows uses the sheer idea of color gradients in a very unique way, and on a smaller scale than any work before it. The work transitions smoothly from a bright white to a deep black, but the intermediate space is made up of a fabric of colors, all sharply interrupted by the moving figure who cuts through. Pioneers of Colorspace is the single most colorful work of Modern Pixel Art ever produced so far, and transitions a full rainbow across. Viewed up close, however, the dithering effect that makes this gradient possible is more exposed than ever - an intentional effect, to emhance the gradient. Emerging From the Falls is a less colorful work, but one whose background and foreground synchronize seamlessly. The work uses moire to evoke the downwards motion of a waterfall, and the gradients from cyan to blue of each element of the foreground make them appear to be sticking out of the spray. However, my personal favorite work this week is Radiospace, a work that appears in a thumbnail to be almost featureless, but up close is revealed to be detailed and active. It parallels both a city's view of space amidst light pollution that blots out most stars, and radio waves that are invisible unless examined in just the right way.

A Flock and Some Fliers

Armada Citadel

Camo Gun

Emerging From the Falls

Leap Out of the Shadows

Long Space Bridge

Pioneers of Colorspace

Scratches in the Field of Space

Set of Pillars to Climb