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MAFT - Modern Art Fun Times

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Coming with a fairly generic title, this collection contains a set of whimsical, experimental works that don't take themselves too seriously. First and foremost is Golden Bill, a straightforward and uniform work with a digital texture and such usage of the horizontal line motif as to master it. The work makes use of a sharp glare on one side to transition from red to a bright white, moving through all the colors in between in the process. Makeshift Bowl is also very straightforward; the division between what is and is not the subject of the work is made by a thin black line, and while the area outside the bowl is a blank white color, the inside becomes a pale violet. Some currents seem to spike up from the bottom of the bowl, giving the impression that something is cooking. Nexus From a Distance is a more subdued work with a rougher texture and an even less usual color scheme centered around dark magenta. The subtle moire in the colored portion and contours and gradients from pale to gray in the lower portion of the work, both convey motion towards a single precise point - the nexus. Shadowed Set of Openings uses contrasting colors, gold-yellow and electric cyan, in contrast with each other but without having the interact directly. Rather, the blue is used to mix with black negative space, and differentiate the foreground of white from the yellow background. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Gradient Wave, which is exactly what its name says it is. Perhaps the single purest usage of the ripple wave motif in this entire collection, the work elegantly uses it to meld together two contrasting colors, green and pink, weaving them through each other and spreading something new through both. Please enjoy!



Golden Bill

Gradient Wave

Makeshift Bowl

Nexus From a Distance

Shadowed Set of Openings

Welcome From the Hilltop

Wilted Wilderness Cruise