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MAL - Modern Art Landmarks

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These are environmental works - not landscapes, per se, but portraits of locations and distinctive landmarks, recognizable fixtures. Moreover, almost all the works in this collection are experimental and unique in how they use their colors, themes, and motifs. Landmark at Sunset is among the most straightforward works in this collection, with its main feature being its radiant orange background. The tower that rises from one side of the image stops halfway through - there seems to be a faint crack in space, vaguely mirroring its contour, and this is what makes this fixture into a landmark, something significant. Next, Hill of Disgust is a fascinating yet repulsive work, combining many different motifs and styles but combining them in among the worst possible ways, so that it appears to be a forlorn, decaying pile of mush, shined upon by wire-thin constellations. String Pillars is a minimalist digital work, focusing on just a few colors, just one shading style, and just one motif - vertical lines - which it employs differently from many of the other works in this gallery that also employ it. The thin columns grow thicker and stronger from left to right, and more statuesque and forwards besides, in an emphatic effort to improve and ameliorate. Tower 1 and Tower 2 are pixel art, and fairly straightforward. Tower 1 takes a more traditional style, using a ripple wave motif to emphasize the importance of its subject. In contrast, Tower 2 uses a color gradient to enumerate the same, opposite, effect, as well as creating a unique sense of disorientation via the layering of colorful diagonal lines against mismatched grids - a genuinely impressive effect. And finally of note, Crustaceanlike Construction is a silhouette-focused work with sparse, deliberate color choice and a surprising sense of motion that lends itself to some ambiguity. Please enjoy!

Big Bungled Hill

Boulder of Comfort

Crustaceanlike Construction

Hill of Disgust

Landmark at Sunset

String Pillars

Tower 1

Tower 2