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CMMA2 - Calm Measured Modern Art 2

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Following the same philosophy as the first CMMA, this collection strives to not try too hard. Relatively calm colors, low-activity works, and while they may not be relaxing they are meant to be at least restrained. Starting off, Thin Reverance is straightforward and, unusually for a work with ripple waves, doesn't really have any feeling of movement. Instead, the contours of the shading in the background emphasize the thin pillar in the middle of the image, which stands stoically. The general palette of this work is also very measured, a less intense red than is common without sacrificing saturation. Beachtone is bright and garish, but in a peculiar set of colors that leads it to feel very laid back despite that. The lack of any particular details anywhere near the middle of the work helps with that; there's little going on here besides its color, which means that color is emphasized, and the interesting, complimentary color combination works better than might be expected. Secured Canister presents a lovely contrast between pink and cyan, mediated with a bit of blank white in between two sections of cyan. The contours of the work make it seem as though the cyan and white are coloring some sort of container, while the pink is in the background - and in that case, the areas of gray and black towards the top of the image provide a strong impression of stability, in addition to complimenting the palette of the rest of the work. Rankbars is maybe the most intense work in this collection, with a strong orange and blue palette, and it leans into a competitive feeling. The left side of the image, with its graded horizontal bars, is the main component of this; the orange top layer is set apart, as is the middle blue layer with its own texture. But my personal favorite work this week is The Safety of a Hollow, a very apprehensive, but low-motion, work which uses the contrast in background colors between the left and right sides of the work, and the black border on the right side, to evoke a concrete image. In the light and sky there is safety, in the safety of the hollow, but outside lies danger. Please enjoy!


Dark Divide

Greedy for Sparkles

New Casing


Secured Canister

The Safety of a Hollow

Thin Reverance