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FDMA8 - Full Digital Modern Art 8

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Like previous FDMA collections (1 2 3 4 5 6 7), this collection only incorporates one monitor, just with different backdrops and various different malfunctions, in a somewhat different style than most of the rest of the gallery. In particular, this collection is heavily color-focused, with each image composed almost entirely of bands of static color going from left to right. Viridian Vibe and Layered Aquatics are prime examples of works that commit to their color scheme and leave their texturing and more subtle detailing to be the interesting part of the image. Air of Negotiation adds some contrast, mixing in desaturated green against fiery red, with the texture such that they seem to mix like mist. The uninterrupted dark red bar at the mottom, and its separation from the color mixing above by a thin yellow bar, helps give the work a sense of solid foundation. Rave Haze is the most impressionistic and abstract work in this collection, by virtue of a more vague texture, and less contrast while still being multicolored. The work overall is bright and welcoming, but also intense if examined closely. Meditation is the most overtly colorful work in this collection, changing color from one side to the other in three vertical bands of red, blue, and pink. The static horizontal bands that remain consistent across the entire width of the image help to add stability, leaving this work to have stronger composition than would be expected from such an abstract work. But my personal favorite work this week is From Dark, To Light, is straightforward, honest, and simple. Against an onstensibly solid magenta background, the shading starts black on the left and transitions to white on the right, the main hue of the image gradually changing to bridge the gap. The general color scheme makes this feel relaxing, rather than tense, and the one stabilizing horizontal bar that starts cyan and also fades to white provides an anchor for the rest of the image. Please enjoy!

Air of Negotiation

From Dark, To Light

Layered Aquatics



Rave Haze

Viridian Vibe