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Starting off this week is Simple Sour, the simplest work in terms of composition in a long time. The background color, a lime green, is just unusual enough to catch the attention, and not too strong to be overpowering; whereas the remaining white and black areas of the image provide some nice contrast and shape, leaving just enough room for interpretation. Clinging to the TV is one of the more concrete works in this collection, framing the glowing center of the image as the TV and depicting blobs of darkness - fingers, perhaps - reaching out for it, closing on its edge, trying to claim it. The few horizontal lines in the top-right of the image give a little bit of depth, and indicate where the darkness comes from or where it is going. Also somewhat concrete is Beggars, which depicts two figures, one at each edge, reaching up towards the center of the image, bowls in hand. The shading of the background emphasizes the hope from above, with the work getting brighter towards its upper edge, highlights coming from that direction. The contour of the background, simple ripple waves, gives a similar impression. An Expansive Temptation is very abstract, but is also very large and very sharp. The interpretation which led to its title is to view the left part of the image as portraying a figure, and to view the lighted part of the image, with its multicolored vertical lines, as a contrast. The figure wishes to devour this light, opening its maw to do so. But my personal favorite work this week is Forces Above, a straightforward Ripple Wave-based work with a relaxing violet color scheme, and a deeply calming atmosphere. Please enjoy!

A Plug That Is Bored

An Expansive Temptation


Clinging to the TV

Forces Above


Simple Sour

Vestiges of Psychedelia