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Somewhat contrasting last week's collection, the theme this week is seclusion. Starting right off, Holding the Gate Closed is notable for its beautiful dark orange color scheme, contrasting with dark and light purple which separates the right and left sides of the image. The wall in between is tall and stoic, but more importantly appears to be actively supported by the blackness in the top-left of the picture, which may be eating or suppressing the color that comes through. Extended Thunderbird references one of this gallery's most recognizable and significant works, Lightning Birds, and while it isn't quite as brilliant, the figure outlined on the right side of the picture resembles one such subject, more dim, extending is reach across the image and that reach getting more sparse towards the left side. In comparison to its predecessor, perhaps this emphasizes the power of connectedness - or, rather, the weakness of reclusion. Monster In Its Lair is a dark, foreboding work which uses its purple-focused color scheme to great effect to contrast the black channels and passages throughout. Brightened lines towards the image's center give the implication of some creature deep inside, but the vagueness leaves its identity up to interpretation, other than that it is watching and waiting. Meanwhile, Patchwork Beluga is a whimsical, somewhat abstract work with many interpretations, of which its title endorses just one. Its uniqueness comes from its unique style of shading, each color pasted down in a particular patch, as if overwriting other colors that may have been there before, along with a very messy-feeling background. But my personal favorite work this week is Shadowed Scallop, a peaceful and contemplative work of bruised art. The smaller scale influences its texture to be somewhat rougher, but this is contrasted by its gentle color gradient and relatively constrained color palette - but that too is contrasted by the ominous darkness in the bottom-left corner. Please enjoy!

Boar Hiding its True Nature

Extended Thunderbird

Fattened Stingerfly

Holding the Gate Closed

Monster In Its Lair

Patchwork Beluga

Pregnant Arachnid

Shadowed Scallop