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RTMA - Rough Texture Modern Art

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Contrary to the way most of this gallery's collections are themed, this week's works are grouped based on their artistic texture, rather than their subject matter. Starting right off, Perhaps the most straightforward example is Rough, the latest in a series of works made up entirely of vertical lines. What makes this one different is the scale - it's recorded from much closer than they tend to be, leading to a rougher texture and more moire. Electrical Antennae is a work of pixel art, and is well-suited for this theme with its dotted background and defined foreground that fits perfectly in between. Though the overall shape is quite abstract, it's recognizable, and the saturated cyan color scheme, while perhaps not what might be expected, contrasts well against the general whiteness of the background. Contemplate is a beautiful and contemplative work, relatively simple in composition and bearing a uniquely deep-pink coloration. Its title doesn't prescribe what anyone might see in it, making it an excellent work for interpretation. Pepto Bismol is a work of very simple pixel art named after both its color and its overall mood. While it's a little bit darker than the real thing, that oversaturation contributes to a generally tired and dreary feel. Of course, there are many other interpretations of what this work could resemble, on any level, given its lack of a proper subject. But my personal favorite work this week is Rust Tint, a washed-out and weary work that nevertheless manages to stay bright and upright, while representing a pretty uncommon color scheme amidst this gallery's other works.


Electrical Antennae

Fanblades In Perspective

Ineffectively Eclectic

Medium Curtain

Pepto Bismol


Rust Tint