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WCMA2 - Wild Colors Modern Art 2

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This collection's predecessor was fairly early in this gallery's lifespan, and focused on overpoweringly bright and colorful works. In the time since, the approach has been refined, and these works focus more on interesting color than on oversaturation. That said, Misty Collage is certainly colorful, but is restrained in its own way, colors flowing into each other gradually and the entire work being somewhat desaturated and textured as though it's seen at a distance or through a barrier. The entire presentation seems like colored mist, which is how it got its name. Similarly notable is Scribbles, an unsual work in that its focus is on scratches rather than on cracks like most of the collection. The randomness of the work's composition contrasts well with its predictable blue-to-yellow gradient in the background, and expands out in a similar way and at a similar range, becoming less dense further from the center. X does call back to the old style of overpowering color, but with a more limited overall palette. The conspicuous yellow X dominates the image despite its relatively modest size, and is further emphasized by how the red and blue parts of the image clash around it, fighting to dominate each other. Hide from Psychedelia is a ripple wave work, the lower part of the image shaped so as to emphasize the central nexus of waves which expands outwards in an aesthetically pleasant blend of yellow and green. But my personal favorite work this week, and one of the more distinctive works this gallery has produced, is Dragoneye. While there have been no shortage of eye-based works predating this one, this is one of the most concrete and distinctive of them all - the shading, the color, and the scar that cuts through from the bottom-left to the top-right, let this work seem larger than its pixel art scale would imply; and the vignetting emphasizes the shape and enhances the menacing atmosphere. Please enjoy!

Color Wiper


Hide From Psychedelia

Misty Collage


The Glow of a Wave