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IMAP2 - Important Modern Art People 2

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Like this collection's predecessor, while some works might stretch the definition of "person", that overarching inspiration still shines through. Starting off, Petitioner is abstract and vague, but sparse enough in detail to easily understand at a glance. On the right side of the image, a lone figure in darkness reaches out towards the wavy light that makes up the bulk of the image. Tenuous Connection depicts two individuals, just beyond the borders, trying to connectfrom one corner to the other. The cracks of light, although thin, keep contact with each other across the dark gradient from blue to red. Unlikely Teammates and Likely Partnership are two different interpretations of the very same base, in different color schemes and with different feelings. They are divided into two halves across the diagonal, and while in Unlikely Teammates the two sides clash in color, they synergize in Likely Partnership, additionally managing to blend in better with the dark throughline that makes up the diagonal and the upper-right corner of the image. But my personal favorite work this week is Exhilirating Power, a forceful red work with a strong sense of motion and a more concrete composition, if still open to interpretation. The orange waves amidst the red background on the left side of the image work together with the contours of the black figure nearby, implying upwards movement, while the vertical lines on the right side are kept under control by a fierce gesture. Please enjoy!

Empty Embrace

Exhilarating Power

Likely Partnership

Ordinary Individual


Small Leader, Smaller Follower

Tenuous Connection

Unlikely Teammates