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MACS5 - Modern Art Color Study 5 - Fog

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As a celebration of the 350th numbered collection in this gallery, this is the fifth Modern Art Color Study collection, succeeding MACS (the original), MACS2 (Ghast), MACS3 (Cloth), and MACS4 (Civilization). As with its predecessors, all works in this collection are derived from a singular source, and carefully modified in different ways using different color filters and settings to produce as many different variations as possible. Of its predecessors, this collection takes most after Color Study 2, having little definition and instead varying in brightness and saturation across the image. This produces a contour, and there are lines of some structure, so each work tends towards a single primary color, rather than mixing multiple. The 'original' take, which was copied and modified to produce the rest of the collection, is, fittingly, Pure Fog. Overall, the Modern Art Color Studies are some of the purest examples of what this gallery is trying to accomplish - an experiment in the agency and creativity I can harness in the creation of modern art. Please enjoy!

Aromatic Fog

Decayed Fog

Disorienting Fog

Dull Fog

Empowering Fog

Energetic Fog

Heated Fog

Icy Fog

Impenetrable Fog

Misty Fog

Natural Fog

Oppressive Fog

Pure Fog

Putrid Fog

Verdant Fog